FlyFi watches your flight's internet
and gets your money back if it's poor.

Too often flight internet's are unusable but you don't know until after you've paid for it. FlyFi records internet response time,download speed and upload speed while you fly.It creates a summary, detailed reports, flight information,and sends all of this along with a your request for a request for a refund to the internet provider on your behalf.



Best of breed internet monitoring while you fly.


Auto monitor

This feature will auto-start monitoring the internet of your phone when you are flying at a moderate altitude and at a certain speed and generate a report. So that you don’t spend a lot on poor internet connectivity.

Boarding Pass Scanner

A boarding pass scanner will allow you to attach your flight detail to the report just by a single scan. The scanner will quickly fetch flight detail and attach it to report for easy to access it by ISP in flight.

Charts & Report

Charts are very easy to understand complex data. The app will generate different charts based on multiple records for download and upload data.


The filter will allow you to sort the data based on multiple filter parameters. i.e. Date range, Connection, and Internet service provider. The specific report can be generated based on the appropriate filter applied to data.

FlyFi sends information to the flight ISP

Importance of data and information manipulation
in todays generation.

Swiftly and simple way of attaching flight detail with generated reports during your travel via a specific flight. It will make life easy to identify your access to the internet on the flight.

We spend a lot of money staying connected with the world via the internet. FlyFi will monitor the service you are getting with the money you are spending on them.

Share internet performance report with Internet Service Provider on your flight. Sharing the speed data will improve in such a service industry.

Quickly query<br> and receive credit
Quickly query<br> and receive credit

Generate reports based
on daily performance.

App will record internet performance for your flight. You can filter out the data to generate reports for specific flights or internet providers. This report can be shared with the ISP to save your money.

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