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Elevate Your Travel Experience with FlyFi: Your All-in-One Travel Companion. Streamline your journey and stay informed with real-time flight updates and airfare alerts.

Navigate airport peak hours seamlessly – all within one app.

FlyFI - Your onboard Travel Buddy

FlyFi is your onboard travel buddy!

Discover how FlyFi caters to every travel requirement, becoming your reliable travel partner.

Stay Ahead with Smart Alerts

FlyFi: Unleash the Magic. Our feature-rich app equips you to navigate travel changes, ensuring you make the most of every trip.

Connect to In-Flight WiFi

Stay seamlessly connected during your flight with FlyFi's feature that allows you to connect to in-flight WiFi services. Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and make the most of your travel time.

Your Personalized Travel Buddy

Meet your ultimate travel companion – the FlyFi Travel Buddy. From guiding you through local attractions to providing insider tips, our Travel Buddy ensures you explore new destinations like a pro. Let your journey be enhanced by a friend who knows the way.

"Discover FlyFi's Top-Notch Features"

Elevate every step of your journey with our all-in-one travel companion. Click to discover more!

Connect to Airport WI-FI

Stay connected even before you take off with FlyFi's feature that seamlessly connects you to available airport WiFi networks.

Airport Peak Hours

Say goodbye to crowded terminals. Fly smart with FlyFi's Airport Peak Hours feature. Plan your travel during off-peak times for a smoother airport experience. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to stress-free travel.

Flight Status

Stay updated with the real-time status of your flight. Once you scan your boarding pass, FlyFi notifies you of all the real-time updates on your flight.

Visa Guide

Explore Visa Requirements for Your Chosen Destination and Nationality

Airfare Alert

Stay in the loop with real-time price drops and exclusive offers for your dream destinations. Travel savvy with FlyFi!

Travel AI Chat (EMI)

"FlyFi's AI Chat: Your 24/7 Travel Companion. Instant assistance, local insights, personalized recommendations, and more for a smoother journey."

EV Stations

Going green? FlyFi helps you locate nearby electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, ensuring a smooth and eco-friendly journey for your electric vehicle.

Seamless Baggage Tracking

Track your luggage in real-time with FlyFi. Travel stress-free knowing your belongings are always on the right path..

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$ 0.99

Get 1 Flight Tracking

Track your flight by scanning 1 boarding pass

$ 2.99

Get 3 Flight Tracking

Track your flight by scanning 3 boarding pass

$ 4.99

Get 5 Flight Tracking

Track your flight by scanning 5 boarding pass

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Leya Matthew

FlyFi is truly one-of-a-kind. Scanned my boarding pass, and voila! All my flight info in an instant.

Michael Anderson

FlyFi has transformed my travel experience. Airfare alerts, airport peak hours – a traveler's best friend!

Alexa Horwitz

I love using FlyFi – it's like having my own travel advisor, always at hand.

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