All your travel information is at your fingertips.

Want a smoother and stress-free travel experience? Look no further cause FlyFi has got you covered.

FlyFi is an all-in-one app that assists you every step of the way. Right from your departure to the arrival of your final destination.

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FlyFI - Your onboard Travel Buddy
What do we do?

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FlyFi is your onboard travel buddy that works for you round the clock so that you can travel at ease.

Helpful notifications and alerts

FlyFi is where the magic happens. It is a feature-rich app with elements that give you an edge over any changes in your travel and enables you to get the most out of your trip. 

Trip Syncronization

Be trip ready with an automated itinerary synced with your calendar.

In-flight Wi-Fi Speedtest

With the auto-monitoring feature, Fly-fi filters out the data to generate reports of your internet performance and sends a report to the ISP. In case the internet is unstable, FlyFi requests a refund from the ISP on your behalf.

FlyFi Features

Features for our app

See why thousands of users worldwide entrust FlyFi with all their flight and travel needs. Long story short- cause it’s feature-rich and very accommodating to its users.

Web Check-In

With the in-built check-in feature of FlyFi you can access the web check-in links of various airlines worldwide. No need to download various airline apps to web check-in.!

Flight Status

Stay updated with the real-time status of your flight. Once you scan your boarding pass, FlyFi notifies you of all the real-time updates on your flight.

Flight Seat Map

Select your seat preferences and view your flight’s seat map for a smooth experience

Destination Travel Restrictions

See all the travel restrictions of your destination city and stay safe

Covid-19 Statistics

FlyFi notifies you of all the covid-related restrictions for your travel and more

Currency Converter

With FlyFi’s in-app currency converter no need to download various other apps


Smart Features

Auto Monitoring

When you're flying at a moderate altitude, this feature will automatically start monitoring your phone's internet and will generate a report.


Be trip ready with an automated itinerary synced with your calendar.

Boarding Pass Scanner

With a boarding pass scanner, you can link your flight information to the report with only one scan. The scanner will instantly retrieve flight information and attach it to the report so that the ISP can access it while you are flying.

Hop-on Hop-Off

Planning on touring around the city? Check out FlyFi’s Hop-on- Hop-off feature which gives you the best available bus tour options for you.

Waiting Time

Tired of waiting in long queues at TSA or security check-ins? With FlyFi get real-time updates on security waiting times so you do not get late for your boarding.

Travel Insurance

Get all information regarding travel insurance here and browse through various options available and choose whichever suits your trip best

Destination Safety

Check the safety parameters of your destination place with FlyFi. Check parameters like Helath & Medical, Physical Safety, Women’s Saftey, Theft, Basic Freedom, and LGBTQ+ safety.

Baggage Tracking

Track your check-in luggage with FlyFi and always know the whereabouts of your baggage

Location Score

With FlyFi’s location score feature you are always informed about the location score of your arrival or departure destinations.


This feature enables you to book the latest activities available in your destination’s vicinity.

Trip Prediction

Struggling with what to do when you arrive? No worries cause FlyFi filters out a range of activities for you and shows you your trip predictions which include the weather, waiting times, and commute options & much more.

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Paid plans can be monthly or annual.


$0.99/ 7 days

Get 7 Days Ads Free

Check your flight internet ads free for 7Day


$2.99/ 30 days

Get 1 Month Ads Free

Check your flight internet ads free for 30Day


$9.99/ 365 days

Get 1 Year Ads Free

Check your flight internet ads free for 1Year

$ 0.99

Get 1 Flight Tracking

Track your flight by scanning 1 boarding pass

$ 2.99

Get 3 Flight Tracking

Track your flight by scanning 3 boarding pass

$ 4.99

Get 5 Flight Tracking

Track your flight by scanning 5 boarding pass

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FlyFi is your onboard travel buddy!

Traveling is now easier with FlyFi and its feature-rich elements. Worry why? When an app can do the work for you!

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