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How to use FlyFI?

FlyFi is easy to use, just follow these steps.

FlyFi offers the first boarding pass scanner free. Along with which you can access various other features for free like In-flight WiFi monitoring, Currency converter, Your Trip Prediction, Travel Restrictions Guide, Trip ideas and much more. However, by subscribing to our premium offer, you get access to all the features on the app which customises your travel with just one boarding pass scan.

Simply scan your boarding pass by clicking on the boarding pass widget on the app and scanning the QR or barcode on the pass. Once the scan is over, you are all set to use the app and the features that comes with it.

With our auto-monitoring flight WiFi feature, the bandwidth of the in-flight internet is evaluated constantly and in case it's unstable, you are immediately notified and an email report is automatically sent to the ISP to request for a refund.

Trip idea is an exclusive feature that FlyFi offers that automatically recommends best places to visit on your arrival destination

By clicking on the Baggage Tracking widget in the app, all the information pertaining to your check-in baggage will be displayed. This is possible because once you scan your boarding pass, the information of your check-in luggage also sinks with your flight travel. So no more worrying about losing your luggage.

This particular feature helps you better assess the place you are visiting to. It gives the right score of the many places nearby and how popular or good they are. You can also filter the information according to your preferences.

Destination Safety gives you the safety score of various parameters namely Health, Physical, Women's safety, LGBTQ+, Basic Freedom and such.

FlyFi notifies you of any changes taking place in your air travel to your destination place. From gate numbers to flight delays and terminal changes, FlyFi alerts you instantly with its real-time updates. This helps you never miss a flight and also helps your navigate the Boarding gates easily.

This feature updates you with the real-time information of the waiting times of the long queue at the TSA . Many a times travellers arrive right before their boarding and fail to make it to the boarding gates because of long waiting lines at the TSA. With this feature, you know exactly how much time will it take for you to pass through the security lines and reach your boarding on time.

Well, FlyFi is an all-in-one app that provides you with all the right features that help you have a smooth travel experience. With over 20+ unique customisation elements, FlyFi will assist you in a more comfortable and non-stressful air travel. Rather than having 10 different apps to keep up with your travel needs why not have only one app that does the job? But hey! Just don't take our word on it, try FlyFi for yourself now!

Once you have scanned your boarding pass, then go to the FLIGHT STATUS feature on the app where you can check your real-time flight status.

Seat Map is one of FlyFi's features that showcases the seating arrangements of your flight. It also helps you locate your seat number and where you will be seated. With this feature you familiarise yourself with the seating in the plane better.

Simply, tap the "Connect To WiFi" widget and connect to the in-flight WiFi. This feature provides WiFi guide for various airlines.