Connect to American Airlines Wifi

How to Connect to American Airlines Wi-Fi?

  1. Activate Airplane Mode and connect to the "" Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open a browser and visit
  3. Choose your plan to connect to American Airlines Wi-Fi.



  • Pay as You Fly: Enjoy faster speeds supporting streaming and browsing throughout the flight for $10.00.
  • Free Wi-Fi and Texting: Exclusively available for eligible T-Mobile customers.
  • Monthly or Annual Plans:Get monthly or annual access on domestic Gogo-equipped American Airlines flights.
    • Monthly Plan:
      • 1 device – $49.95
      • 2 devices – $59.95
    • Annual Plan:
      • 1 device – $599
      • 2 devices – $699

How to Purchase an American Airlines Wi-Fi Subscription?

  1. Become an AAdvantage® Program member by filling out the form at AAdvantage Enrollment.
  2. Save your email address and credit card details with a U.S. billing address in your AAdvantage® Account.

American Airlines Wi-Fi Coverage

American Airlines Wi-Fi is provided by three service providers: Intelsat, Panasonic, and Viasat. It's available on flights within the United States or between the United States and Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Central America, wherever network coverage is accessible.

Customer Service Support

For additional support and detailed information about Wi-Fi Services, please contact American Airlines Customer Service Support through the following channels:

Important Note: Flight WiFi will only be available above an altitude of 11000ft.
Disclaimer: The information on the site should be used as a guide only. You are advised to contact your airline official site and ensure you have the latest information. We take no responsibility.